Lilium d'ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.

Kanaria d'HunterxHunter

Et beaucoup de fanarts ces derniers jours!
Phosphophyl0lite de Houseki no Kuni / l'Ère des Cristaux. J'avais déjà dessiner ce perso pour Inktober 2015. L'anime a débuté la semaine dernière, foncez! Le manga fait parti de mes séries préférées.

Orga Itsuka de Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans. Je n'arrive pas à me remettre de la fin de cet anime ;_;

"Where are you ?"  |  Keith Kogane ( avec les bottes de Shiro) de Voltron Legendary Defender

Toutes mes dessins d'Inktober sont postés au jour le jour sur mon Tumblr et Twitter.

Mon illustration pour History Makers, un  fanbook français sur Yuri On Ice!!
 Il est toujours en vente ici >>> 

If you follow for quite some time, you surely know how long, I’ve been working on my webcomic and already released two volumes in French. This year, these books will finally get an English release for Japan Expo in July. To celebrate this, my friends and I are currently holding a giveway on Twitter!
If you want to win copies, it’s easy!

Like and RT this >>> tweet <<< until 06/17!

Good Luck!
(Be careful about privacy settings, we can’t see likes/activity from private accounts who haven’t followed us!)

 After all these years, I’m finally posting my webcomic in English!

Updates are on Sunday with 4 pages per week. The French version will stay ahead as this publication is starting from the beginning.
I want to thank Alhia and Shini for handling the translation. It wouldn’t have been possible without you girls ⊂((・▽・))⊃

Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Drama, BL
Lucas is a young wandering huntsman, paid to track a mysterious and deadly beast in the mountains. On his path, he finds long lost friends, rising up painful memories from their childhood and unanswered questions. 
! Later chapters will feature mature content.

I started working on this webcomic in 2013, after being asked by friends “When will you draw a comic?” for years. I mustered all my courage and made one. It was very rewarding as I learnt many things and met new people through this experience. This English translation is a new step for me and a very important one.

So to my new readers, I hope you will like this webcomic ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄!
And to all the English-speaking readers of Une Partie de Chasse, thank you for following me all this time!!!          

Well, in fact, there is no winner this time. That contest was really hard, right? 
But stay tuned for 🦊ON THE HUNT🦊 release!

If you are a Yuri on Ice!! fan, I have some good news for you. I was invited to take part in -History Makers- a YOI Fanbook. It will be released for Japan Expo 2017. Pre orders end on 05/21. Yes, that's next Sunday, so hurry up if you want your own copy ⛸️!!

Here is a preview of my entry

Cet été, faites attention aux chutes d'aliens ! 
Retrouvez des impressions de cette illustration sur le stand Kejhia à la Japan Expo.

Four years after its launch, "Une partie de chasse", my ongoing webcomic, will finally be released in english!! You'll soon be able to read it online, and Kejhia will print the 1st and 2nd volumes in english for Japan Expo (in July).

To celebrate this occasion, you're invited to guess what the english title will be. "Une partie de chasse" means (very literally) "A party of hunting". Doesn't sound very good, right? So send your superior guess in an send an email to the Kejhia team or a private message on Twitter or deviantArt!

The first to guess the proper title will win the first two volumes of "Une partie de chasse" in english, along with some goods! Bonne chance!

(The contest is ending on May 7th, winner or no winner!)

Tous les dimanches, je verse une larme à cause de cette série. 
Mais ça devient n'importe quoi. #StopOkada 

Seren c'est quoi? C'est un projet de jeux-vidéo narratif sur lequel je travaille dans le cadre de ma licence pro en Technical Arts.

En bonus, j'ai posté quelques croquis de mes camarades sur mon autre blog.


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